About Us

Physio Sports Care Centre is a bilingual, full-service clinic located at the Ottawa Athletic Club. We provide physiotherapy assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, education, and injury prevention programs with specialties in orthopaedics, manual therapy, sports injuries, paediatrics, and more.

Our individualized exercise programs are ideally suited for people with sport-related injuries, injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents, neurological injuries and conditions, and persons with special needs, among others. We work with patients of all ages, from children to senior athletes who strive for full function and return to play.

Lorraine LeBlanc Hendry, recognized as a leading physiotherapist in Ottawa with over 35 years of education, training and experience, has owned and operated the Physio Sports Care Centre since 1995. She leads a team of professionals known for their dedication to providing high-quality, individualized care and treatment.

At Physio Sports Care Centre, our evidence-based assessment and treatment techniques are designed to effectively reduce pain, improve and restore movement. Our exercise rehabilitation and education programs, combined with our access to a full-service athletic facility, allow us to personalize a care solution for each patient, helping them to prevent further injury or recurrences.

Our mission is to get our patients back on track with full function as quickly as possible so that they can enjoy their daily lives. We treat all of our patients with genuine care and respect to help them achieve optimal recovery for their work environment, sports life and day-to-day activities.