Children are special. They are not small adults. Children have many anatomical differences that require careful attention. They also need a different level of communication than adults in order to encourage co-operation and understanding.

Lorraine LeBlanc Hendry’s experience at CHEO and in dealing with many children at Physio Sports Care Centre ensures that children who have sports injuries or are recovering from surgery receive assessment, effective treatment and genuine care.

Specific to the young athlete, it is critical to prevent and resolve issues at the early stages to protect their growing bodies. The rising participation rates of children in competitive sports can contribute to an increase in acute and chronic injuries. An exercise program appropriate to the age and understanding of your child is essential for recovery.

The most common injuries for children include pain or damage to the ankle and knee followed by the hand, wrist, elbow, back, and neck. Contusions and strains of muscles and ligaments are also common injuries. Our kinesiologists can offer advice to young athletes about which fitness programs are most appropriate for them.

Other services include:

  • Education and advice to treat torticollis in infants.
  • Advice and education for kids with apophysitis problems such as Osgoode Schlatter’s affecting the knees, Sever’s Disease seen in heel pain, and Little League elbow in baseball.
  • A simple exercise program to resolve and prevent knee problems such as patello-femoral knee pain.
  • Exercise programs can be provided following ankle sprains, patellar subluxations and dislocations, shoulder subluxations and dislocations, fractures or surgery.