Calluses (Tyloma)

Tyloma, commonly known as calluses are local areas of thickened epidermis. They are normally present in the skin over boney prominences on the hands and feet and are often due to constant pressure, friction or shearing stresses. They can also be caused by may be secondary to biomechanical faults of the foot and lower limb such as excessive pronation or claw toes.

Excessive callus formation is highly vulnerable to tears and cracks leading to pain, disability and possible infection. Risk of ulceration is greatly enhanced when nutrition of the tissues is impaired. Blisters may also develop under the calluses

The main symptom is pain on pressure over the site of the callus. This pain may vary from negligible to disabling.

Preventative treatment:

  • Proper fitting shoes
  • Two pairs or one double knit pair of socks
  • Use of lubricant to decrease friction over the specific area
  • Proper foot hygiene including regular powdering
  • Protective covering/padding over the susceptible areas

Conservative treatment:

  • Rub down callus with pumice stone after showering
  • Protection of an irritated area
  • Identify and correct the biomechanical fault


  • treatment of biomechanical faults of the lower limbs and foot